theboyisgone (theboyisgone) wrote in jlo_fans,

Jennifer Lopez's Restaurant "Madres"

Tonight I had reservations at Madres, the restaurant that Jennifer Lopez opened up about three years ago. I got there about 7:30pm and the reservation was under my name Victor Cruz. The host began to lead the way when she noticed that I was wearing tennis shoes. She said as politly as she could, "im sorry, we dont allow tennis shoes here" The restaurant requires a semi formal attire. I said Plz, im a huge J.Lo fan and i came all the way from AZ to eat here. She let me go and warned me for the next time.
The restaurant is warm, comfortable, and inviting. The main dining room has beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, which accents the antique sconces on the wall, and white lace tablecloths. The tables are set with hand picked vintage china. There is an incredible attention to detail, all the way down to the cigar box look alike menus. I was in love with this place and the atmosphere it had. The place was packed, oh course.
My entire dinnig experiance was amazing and the food was as great as the the look of the restaurant. I ordered VACA FRITA and for desert I had AROZ CON LECHE, both equaly filling, rich and tasty.

I can’t explaint he feeling I had while I was there, its like everyone else was gone and I was just there surounded by a beautiful setting, eating yummy foods and listening to latin music taking my imagination to a place in puerto rico.
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